How are your products different from other natural skincare products?

Most natural skincare products contain artificial preservatives to extend their shelf life. We do not use any artificial ingredients on our skincare range. We fourmulate our products using ingredients with a naturally long shelf life or recommend to keep them away from direct sunlight and heat. Most of them need to be kept refrigerated in the summer months. Some customers keep their creams refrigerated all the time. 

Are your products suitable for children?

Some of our products are suitable for children. It all depends on the child's age and the product of interest. Please contact us to check age suitability.


I have eczema and my skin is flaky. Which exfoliating product shall I use?

We do not recommend exfoliating eczema skin at any time. The process can easily cause micro abrasions which will further damage the skin. Exfoliating products are suitable for tough skin areas or for individuals working with grease (eg. mechanics) and dirt (eg. gardeners).

Eczema skin is very irritated and delicate so it requires continuous moisturising and protection. It benefits from gentle washing rather than exfoliating.


Why you don’t sell the eco friendly shampoo bars?

There are two version of the eco friendly shampoo bars. One is a bar version of the usual shampoo which contains harsh chemicals and the other one is just a soap. 
There are issues with both versions since the harsh chemicals can irritate the scalp and soap is far too aggressive for hair (it is equal to having the hair dyed every time it is washed). Soap has a ph level above 8 or it crumbles and the ideal ph for shampoo is around 5-6

Basically the eco friendly shampoo bars have the wrong ph level or they have harsh chemicals.