Simply clean! - fragrance free washing powder

A vegan, unscented and very effective washing powder without the harsh chemicals commercial ones contain.

Clothes can be washed at low temperature (30C) using about two scoops (=18-20g) in hard water areas or just one scoop in soft water areas making it last double.
The powder can go directly into the drum to eliminate product dispersion. Instead of conditioner/softener white vinegar is recommended to avoid skin irritation whilst adding softness to the fabric. Soft water areas do not require any softener.

Handmade laundry powder is the best option to be kind to the skin and the planet if you live in hard water areas. If you do not have the time to make it yourself Simply Clean! is now available.

The tins and scoops are 100% recycled.

Stain Away! Fragrance free stain remover

Very effective at removing stains without using harsh chemicals. It is a very eco friendly way to keep clothes stain free.

90g bar or sticks

Ingrefients: sodium cocoate (coconut oil), sodium citrate (citric acid)